World War S

The Sudoku Zombie Apocalypse is upon us!!!

   Be prepared for the Sudoku Zombie apocalypse!
 Over 270 Campaign levels spanning the whole world,
and 5000 unique boards in free play mode
 to challenge your Sudoku Skillz!
Play real-time against zombies in campaign mode,
or other humans in skirmish mode!  Complete your
board before the zombie horde overtakes you!

World War S utilizes handwriting recognition to allow you to
write directly on the board using a stylus, or your finger!

It's Sudoku the way it's meant to be played, plus it has Zombies!
   Employ advanced technology to destroy your enemies! 
 Use your advanced intelligence technology
to spy on your enemy's board!
  Enjoy Sudoku just like you would in the news paper
with 5 difficulty levels, and 5000 boards, World Wars S
will provide you with plenty of play time!